How Do You Choose the Right Travel Backpacks for Your Next Trip

travel backpacks? The only answer is convenience. If there is one item which you can’t do without and makes your travel a success is your backpack.

Right Travel Backpacks for Your Next TripTypically, backpackers don’t stay at five-star hotels with airport service. Using a backpack gives you convenience and carrying one allows you to go up and down a bus service quickly.

Many backpacks nowadays are compact, and there is no problem taking them on board buses, airplanes, etc. It saves time and money. You don’t have to pay for additional luggage charges which give you savings. In the airplanes, you don’t have to check in a lot of luggage which saves you time.

How Do You Choose the Best Travel Backpacks?


When you buy a backpack you don’t think only of saving luggage fees; it’s also about traveling light. Carrying a big backpack can cause your back strain. It’s a pain to carry when you walk miles looking the right accommodation. Choosing travels backpacks which are smaller means you have less weight on your back.

Typically backpackers who want to travel light choose the 35 to 50 liters capacity. Tip: Use backpack organizers for convenience. The backpacks in the market range from small, medium and large. There are backpacks made for women. It is best that you test the backpack before you decide to buy.

Panel Access

Which one do you prefer? Is it top loading travel backpacks or side panel travel backpacks. The advantage with top loading ones is the use of organizational compartments with features like straps, mesh pocket. You don’t need packing organizers if you use this option. The disadvantage us the more you stuff things in the pockets, the lesser space you have in the interior. It makes your backpack misshapen.

Side panel pro is it is more like a suitcase. It allows you convenient access to your things when you open it up. There are side loaders with zippers for safety. The downside is it has minimal compartments. It requires backpack organizers.


Remember that you are not using this for school. Your backpack is your “cabinet” for the whole duration of your travel. So, don’t buy an average backpack. Don’t buy a cheap backpack that rips off immediately. Quality goes with the price.


Get a backpack that securely locks. Before you leave for your trip, buy a travel insurance and have a separate backpack that you will use for a daypack. If you go diving, take only whatever you needed. Leave your main travel backpack at the hostel, securely locked.

How to Choose the Best Travel Backpacks for Women?

For women the main consideration in buying a backpack is size. There are travel backpacks designed for women. They are not necessarily small, but they are designed according to a woman’s body. Women have wider hips and a shorter and narrower torso.

There’s not much difference between women’s and men’s backpack. Women can still choose to use men’s backpack.

Final note

Choosing a travel backpack which gives you comfort and convenience is one key to achieving a hassle free and enjoyable trip.